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Serenity Found at Serene Villas, Seminyak Bali
We stayed in the Garden Villa, spending much of our time in the spacious open-air living area or in our small but ‘big enough for just us’ private pool. The modern Balinese decor made the villa feel both luxurious and comfortable, each of the three air-conditioned bedrooms were spacious and came with an attached bath. We fell in love with it all, the luxury of the space, the staff, the indulgence of relaxation and serenity... Girls Getaway

Bali by Kids 830 KB
For the real story on family holiday fun, we head straight to the source and talk to kids, from tot to teen, to find out what and where they love most about beautiful bali.Qantas Magazine

20 Reasons to Visit Seminyak - Sydney Morning Herald - November 2011 1,023 KB

Tropical Sanctuary - The Edge Malaysia - August 2011 531 KB

Bathing in Bali bliss - Sunday Canberra Times - April 2010 3243 KB

Special Guest Comment - April 2010 85 KB

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Serene Villas at Townsville Bulletin - April 2009 354 KB

Jalan Jalan Magazine - October 2008 166 KB

Serene Villas at New Strait Times - July 2008 2,886 KB

Serene Villas at QANTAS Magazine 1,610 KB
Seven luxury pool and garden villas with one or three bedroom. Close to the beach, shopping and cafes, the villas combine contemporary furnishing with traditional architectural features. Outdoor bathroom with raindrop showers are nice to touch.. Qantas Magazine

Cliffside Luxury Villas 98 KB
Invisible technology, state-of-the-art communications, ultra-modern entertainment concepts and contemporary interior designs and landscapes are pad of the new generation of luxurious villas at The Ritz Carlton Bali, Resort and Spa's magnificent six hectare multi-faceted development..

Why Choose Serene Bali Villa
For less than the cost of staying at a good hotel in Bali you can now enjoy the luxury of a beautiful private villa with air-conditioned bedrooms and tropical bathrooms. Imagine, spacious living and dining areas and lush tropical gardens with your own private swimming pool, and a trained butler/chef to take care of everything for your holiday..

Sea Side of Seminyak 165 KB
When l first moved to Bali, in 1999,l signed a one-year lease on a cheerful two-room house with a big garden in Seminyak, the “nice” part of Kuta. In those days, the place was still pretty funky. When l knocked of work at sundown, l would grab a big bottle of Bintang beer (wine was virtually unobtainable back then) and pedal my bicycle down to Jalan Oberoi to unwind by watching the sun settle over the rice fiends..

Once Serene Never Forgotten 361 KB
Serene isn't perhaps a word you would associate with Seminyak these days - congested road, flat out contruction and poor drainage. 'Surreal' might be more appropriate. Yet people still flock to this trendy area of Bali..

Travel Getting Away From It All 361 KB
It's typical August afternoon at the office. The story I'm writing is past deadline and my boss is getting twitchy. The thunder of rain on the roof fails to drown out the annoyingly carefree laughter of the colleague who's finished her piece for the day..

36 Hours in Bali 222 KB
8.30pm Saturday After the Schapelle Corby case I'm little nervous going through Custom's at Denpasar's Ngurah Rai International Airport. But the officer doesn't give my bag a second glance. He does, however, notice that I have three bottles of duty-free wine..